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TAD Studios was opened in the summer of 2011 by local musician Tom Clark as a family run business, looking to give something back to the local music scene. We wanted to offer the most flexible and competitive rehearsal studio in the area, based around what local musicians want and need from a rehearsal space, and the aim to constantly update and upgrade our facilities to offer the best studio we can. We offer comfortable well equipped rooms and a first rate 24 hour service. Our facilities are open 365 days a year and 24 hours a day (by arrangement). We wanted to take bookings from as many different sources to reflect on the growing use of smartphones and social media, so you can book through Facebook, E-mail, text message or phone call.

As of 2019, TAD Studios is now also a fully equipped recording studio catering for bands and musicians of all types. We have built the studio with musicians in mind, from initial planning through to final implementation. Our recording engineer Umair Chaudhry is a seasoned musician, with primary focus on getting what you want out of recording. Umair Chaudhry is a veteran engineer with 14 years of experience and has worked at Keynote Studios, Silver Street Studios and Platform Studios in Reading, and Soundworks, Evolution and Shaken Oak studios in Oxford.