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Our focus at TAD Studios (being musicians ourselves) is comfort, flexibility and ease of use. That's why we have gone to great lengths to make our studio as musician-friendly as possible, offering multiple options for bands and musicians alike.


Whether you want to record a full band-setup completely live in high quality, build your music up in layers or anything else, we are ready and committed to working with you in your desired workflow.


  • 3 live rooms, 2 guitar booths and vocal booth

  • Fully kitted-out control room with SSL desk and Neve / API Style Pre-amps

  • Adam A8X monitors

  • Nice range of condenser, ribbon and dynamic microphones

  • Up to 6 separate stereo headphones mixes for musicians

  • Large viewing screens in each room to maintain visual contact

  • Apple TV and Bluetooth music streaming in each room

  • Phone-app controllable LED lighting

  • Kitchen area with tea making and cooking facilities




Each of our live rooms has 18 inputs and 6 stereo headphone outputs. Each room is routed directly to the control room, meaning signals can be patched to and from any area of the studio for maximum flexibility.

Each room has a different sound for recording. Live room 1 is the most spacious, with a high ceiling and wooden flooring (perfect if you're looking for a big drum sound). Live room 2 is a "deader" sounding space with more acoustic absorption, and live room 3 is the "deadest" of the three spaces.

Our vocal booth is padded with acoustic absorption for ultra-dry sounding vocal recording. The two guitar booths are also acoustic "dead spaces" for guitar amps, playable from any other room in the studio.

There are large viewing screens in each room, enabling maintain visual contact between musicians during recording. Essential for keeping a sense of connection with your fellow band members, as well as being able to hear them. The screens are also Apple TV equipped, providing entertainment for kick-back and relax periods.



We have taken an analogue / digital hybrid approach with our control room, with an SSL Nucleus desk at the heart and range of vintage style pre-amps from Neve, SSL, Warm Audio, TL Audio and Black Lion Audio on offer. Monitoring is via our beautiful sounding Adam A8X monitor speakers, with KRK Rokit and vintage hi-fi speakers for alternative ways to listen back to mixes.

Another great feature is our Thermionic Culture Little Red Bustard, superb for injecting analogue tube warmth and saturation into our mixes.

Rather than leave musician's monitoring as an afterthought, we have provided up to 6 separate stereo headphone mixes from the control room, which are patch-able to any room. Combined with Senheiser HD280 headphones with great bass response, musicians will be able to hear all instruments clearly and not struggle to hear themselves.

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