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We have years of experience working on voiceover projects, whether it be standard voiceover for audiobooks, Audio Dialogue Replacement for film (ADR), podcasts or radio we are able to cover it all.

Our vocal booth and live room 3 spaces are acoustically treated and ideal for voiceover work, for which a deadspace is very important.


You are guaranteed pristine, glitch-free audio quality with our microphones and SSL / Neve pre-amps.


For situations where a remote producer is required to direct the voiceover talent, we have a variety of options available. We are able to provide connection via the industry standard Source Connect, with transport sync where required (ideal for ADR to picture).


Also we can connect to you with Skype, Zoom, Steinberg VST Connect or any other internet-based protocol. We offer a stable, high-bandwidth fibre internet connection with stability ensured.


If you require voiceover for film or TV, we can help. Our vocal booth and live room 3 spaces are equipped with video screens so that the talent can seamlessly work to film.

For ADR, using Source Connect with transport sync allows us to sync with your DAW so that you can monitor takes with ease. Another common option is to use Skype, which allows us to share the audio in conjunction with the video screen.

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